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Learn Enough to Be Dangerous is designed to unleash your technical genius by teaching you technical sophistication, the combination of hard and soft skills that gives you the seemingly magical ability to solve any technical problem. Technical sophistication includes everything from specific applications (like version control) to general know-how (like knowing when to just reboot the darn thing).

The courses page is arranged as a map for you with difficulty increasing as you move down the page. As we develop more content, some levels of progress will gain additional side tutorials.

So what's included?
  • Over four hours of streaming Learn Enough video screencasts in the Developer Fundamentals series, with many more to come
  • Over fifteen hours of Rails Tutorial screencasts
  • Enhanced online tutorials with integrated progress tracking and answers to exercises
  • Membership in a private community-supported Slack chat group
  • Immediate access to new tutorials when released (including the Rails 5 edition of the Rails Tutorial)
  • Full access to ebook downloads (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) after two months as a free bonus

Novice Developer

Start here.


This is the place to start learning technical sophistication. Learn Enough Developer Fundamentals covers three essential tools for the aspiring computer magician: the Unix command line, text editors, and version control with Git. After this level, you will be in a position to collaborate with millions of developers around the world, even if you're not (yet) a developer yourself.

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    fundamentals 01

  • Cover text editor 66020b3c7b4f42942b507fa537b6c79c17422fc2c252f0296c18c9099696a4a7

    fundamentals 02

  • Cover git 85b202f7da71e0527eb33fd2987e3bbd8a763e41866f1b7e4dc5ba1412249318

    fundamentals 03


Every technical person should know the basics of the World Wide Web, and this set of courses covers the undeniable essentials: HTML, the universal language of the Web; CSS & Layout, which builds an industrial-strength website; and JavaScript, which lets you do cool things on web pages. (Really, really cool things.)

  • Cover html ae21d3654d8db9d492574c4e4b5d2c2c3f704c58c2a5f9f52f7b38d22a134c76

    web 01

  • Cover css 463414a245890f39e33b4663f715f22c49f79861b7738f4a58efcc83557b16c7

    web 02


    web 03


Currently in preparation

Once you've got Web Basics down, it's time to learn the foundations of developing dynamic web applications. These courses focus on the Ruby programming language, an elegant and powerful language that has taken the Web by storm. We start with the Ruby language itself, and then cover Sinatra, a simple yet still production-ready web framework in Ruby, and then introduce Ruby on Rails, the web development technology that powers sites like Airbnb, GitHub, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Disney.

  • RUBY

    development 01


    development 02


    development 03


With the foundations laid, you're now ready to learn industrial-strength web development with the full Ruby on Rails Tutorial. With 12 chapters and nearly 20 hours of video, the Rails Tutorial teaches you way more than enough to be dangerous. By the time you finish this course, you'll be able to build your own professional-grade web applications.

  • Cover current ruby on rails tutorial

    The Rails Tutorial

  • Cover action cable 4ee44452bf5059b8dfe98e1e78fe7e997048d94723a45b6237424b395f5ff003

    Action Cable


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