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Learn Enough Command Line

fundamentals 01

An introduction to the command line for complete beginners, the first in a series of tutorials designed to teach the common foundations of “computer magic” to as broad an audience as possible. Proficiency at the command line is also useful for anyone who needs to work with developers, such as product managers, project managers, and designers.
Learn Enough Text Editor

fundamentals 02

Designed to help you learn to use what is arguably the most important item in the aspiring computer magician’s bag of tricks: a text editor. Unlike other text editor tutorials, which are typically tied to a specific editor, this tutorial is designed to introduce the entire category of application—a category many people don’t even know exists.
Learn Enough Git

fundamentals 03

The final installment in a trilogy of tutorials on developer fundamentals designed to teach three skills essential for software developers and those who work with them. This tutorial covers a third essential skill: version control, an automatic way to track changes in software projects, giving creators the power to view previous versions with ease.
Learn Enough HTML

web 01

An introduction to HyperText Markup Language, the language of the World Wide Web. You'll learn the most important HTML tags by building a simple but real website, which you'll deploy to the live Web in the very first section!
Learn Enough CSS & Layout

web 02

Teaches the basics of how to use Cascading Style Sheets, the way that website appearances are defined, and then continues deeper to show how to create usable site layouts using a templating system called Jekyll.
Learn Enough Javascript

development 01

Learn Enough Ruby & Sinatra

development 02

The Rails Tutorial

advanced DEV

Action Cable

advanced DEV

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