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Unleash the power of tracking & collaboration with version control

Learn Enough Git Developer Fundamentals 03

Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous covers an often-overlooked but essential modern computing skill: version control. Git, the most popular and powerful version-control system, lets you track changes in software projects while also enabling collaboration with millions of developers around the world.

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Developer Fundamentals BUNDLE

This is the place to start learning technical sophistication. Learn Enough Developer Fundamentals covers three essential tools for the aspiring computer magician: the Unix command line, text editors, and version control with Git. After this level, you will be in a position to collaborate with millions of developers around the world, even if you’re not (yet) a developer yourself.

All bundles include the course version of all the tutorials (streaming video, exercise answers, and progress tracking), and access to the Learn Enough society to get help if you need it.

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Learn Essential Skills

In the Git Tutorial

Images directory on github

Change tracker/collaboration accelerator

Keep a history of all the changes you make

Version control solves a problem that might look familiar if you’ve ever seen Word documents or Excel spreadsheets with names like Report_2014_1.doc, Report_2014_2.doc, Report_2014_3.doc, or budget-v7.xls. These cumbersome names indicate how annoying it can be to track different versions of documents. Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous teaches you how to use Git, the most popular and powerful version control system.

A version control system provides an automatic way to track changes in software projects, giving creators the power to view previous versions of files and directories, develop speculative features without disrupting the main development, securely back up the project and its history, and collaborate easily and conveniently with others. In addition, using version control also makes deploying production websites and web applications much easier. As a result, fluency in at least one version control system is an incredibly valuable skill for developer, designer, and manager alike.

To be productive with Git, you don’t have to know everything about it—you just have to learn enough to be dangerous.

Git status sequence

Git fundamentals

Learn the basics of git

In Learn Enough Git to Be Dangerous, you’ll learn how to create a Git repository for the files in a sample project consisting of a simple website. You’ll also learn how to commit changes to the project, thereby insuring that the changes won’t ever be lost.

Join github

Using GitHub

Set yourself up with a powerful service

You’ll also learn how to set up a remote repository at GitHub, a wildly popular site for sharing and collaborating on projects and code. This remote repo includes a handy file called README.md (written in the intuitive Markdown formatting language), which tells potential users and collaborators about your project.

Website with image

Save to a safe place

Save all of your changes to the cloud

As an essential next step, you’ll learn how to push project changes to the remote repository. Then you’ll learn the useful practices of making a branch, which lets you make changes in isolation—without changing the main project—and then merge the changes in when you’re ready to share them.

Master branch change

Collaborate with Git

Coding is easier with friends

Finally, you’ll learn how to use Git to collaborate with other developers. This includes cloning (copying) repositories and learning what to do when changes from two developers conflict. You’ll also discover how Git (combined with GitHub) enables an amazing surprise bonus for your sample website—one that will give you bragging rights with all of your friends.

Table of Contents
Scholarship 1
Scholarship 17
Scholarship 3
Scholarship 26
Scholarship 5

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Jimmy Wales Founder, Wikipedia

Q: What is Jimmy Wales' favorite book?

A: It changes often. At the moment, it’s Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. :)

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About the Git Tutorial

Going through Git is wonderful. I am actually learning… I’ve done three other Git tutorials and still felt so lost. Doing it all now makes so much sense. It’s like a light bulb.

— Janelle S.

Michael does a great job of structuring this tutorial and thrusts the users quick into the world of Git with real examples and a hands-on approach. Just one of a series of great books. Highly recommended.

— Amazon Customer
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Thanks to the Git skills I started building with your tutorial, I now run Git workshops to teach other students this great tech.

— Eric Z.

I stumbled upon your website by luck a couple weeks back and since then I have gone through the Developer Fundamentals series, which I have to say exceeded my expectations and filled in many gaps in my knowledge which multiple other online tutorials failed to do.

— Tayyab I.
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About the Learn Enough Courses

I must say, this Learn Enough series is a masterpiece of education. Thank you for this incredible work!

— Michael K.

I must say, this Learn Enough series is a masterpiece of education. Thank you for this incredible work!

— Michael K.

I want to thank you for the amazing job you have done with the tutorials. They are likely the best tutorials I have ever read.

— Pedro I.

I have been trying to learn web development and programming on and off for the past 3 years and your website is the first one that I feel does the job right.

— Janelle S.

Just bought the new ebook and want to say keep up the great work!! The Learn Enough to Be Dangerous series re-ignited my desire to code after 10+ years of “meh”.

— Diane Y.

The Learn Enough Society and the courses are incredible. It’s the best value in the market of online courses in my opinion. Like you say, it’s learning to tech, which is very useful in our world.

— Sébastien D.

I just meant to tell you: your tutorial books from the Learn Enough series are awesome! The books are well-written, clear, concise, super-useful, and even fun to read. Thank you so, so much for this! I have bought the first three and will buy whatever you publish next. Keep up doing this very good work and thanks again.

— Pierre W.

Have been following the whole “Learn Enough to Be Dangerous” series and am VERY impressed with it. I am a project manager who works with software developers daily. These sessions have provided me with a huge amount very useful information, to the extent that I now not only understand what the dev guys are talking about, but am starting to use the tools (command line, Git, etc.) that they use.

— Brian
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Michael Hartl is one of the best educators around when it comes to web development. I have been following him for a long time, and everything he produces is top quality. If you are looking for a quick way to become a thorough and productive professional web developer, Hartl’s books are a great place to start.

— Abram Bailey
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About the Author

Michael Hartl

Michael Hartl is the creator of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, one of the leading introductions to web development, and is cofounder and principal author at Learn Enough. Previously, he was a physics instructor at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is a graduate of Harvard College, has a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech, and is an alumnus of the Y Combinator entrepreneur program.

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