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Best Ruby on Rails Course: Top 8 in 2024

Best Ruby on Rails Course: Top 8 in 2024

Ruby on Rails is a leading web development framework and a popular choice for beginner web developers and programmers because of the ease with which one can read the language and simplicity compared to other frameworks. 

Even for more experienced web developers, Ruby on Rails and the Ruby language as a whole are very beneficial to learn because of the high demand for Ruby on Rails developers.

The Ruby on Rails web development framework hit the scene in 2005 which took the somewhat underground programming language, Ruby, and paired it with Rails, a software library. This revolutionized web development, making creating intricate and user-friendly web applications much easier and less time-consuming.

Start-ups and small businesses soon caught on and started using Ruby on Rails, including Twitter for their initial development. Other large tech-driven companies like Shopify, GitHub, and Airbnb all still use Ruby on Rails services to this day.

With hundreds of online courses on Ruby programming and Ruby on Rails, it can be difficult to know which one might suit your needs. We've compiled a list of the top Ruby on Rails courses based on reviews, price, and learning material so that you can make an educated decision on the best Ruby on Rails course for you!

Looking to learn Ruby on Rails development?👩‍💻🤔
Look no further, our courses will help you learn enough Ruby on Rails to be dangerous!

1. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Rails 7 (Learn Enough) has been providing top-of-the-line introductions to web development with their Ruby on Rails Tutorials since 2010

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This tutorial encompasses a comprehensive introduction to web application development for both beginners and those with some prior experience. With interactive exercises and hands-on coding, this tutorial allows students to build real working software through example applications. There are also no required prerequisites!

Course link: Ruby on Rails (Rails 7) Tutorial | Learn Enough to Be Dangerous

Price: $49/month (All access)

Before you move on, check out this video from the acclaimed author of the Learn Enough Ruby on Raiils Tutorial, Michael Hartl.

2. The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course (Udemy)

One of the best online courses because of its broad scope from base to advanced building, thiscourse is also offered by large worldwide businesses to their employees as part of their training. 

This course boasts a 4.5-star rating out of over 14,000 reviews and with good reason because of its advanced e-learning platform. With quizzes, interactive courses, and video lectures, this course is a great option to learn Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails framework. No prerequisites are needed, and you will be awarded a certificate upon completion.

Course link: The Ruby on Rails Masterclass Training Course | Udemy

Price: $139.99 (Lifetime access)

3. Learn Ruby on Rails (Go Rails)

This is one of the best free courses on Ruby on Rails for people with little to no experience in web development or programming language know-how. 

GoRails RoR

The instructor does a fabulous job of breaking down the building of real-world applications with Ruby on Rails in a step-by-step process and makes it easy to memorize concepts. Some of the key applications you can learn to build are Twitter's API, OAuth, and background workers. A nice feature of are the guides and forums that allow people to ask questions and have access to free Ruby on Rails information.

Course link: Learn Ruby on Rails for Beginners course (

Price: Free

Still searching for the Ruby on Rails grail?🏆👀
You’ve found it, in the acclaimed Ruby on Rails Tutorial, Learn Enough’s leading introduction to full-stack RoR development.

4. Introduction to Ruby on Rails (Educative)

Another great option for beginners, this course focuses first on getting you familiar with the Ruby programming language. From there, they provide hands-on interactive training with the Ruby on Rails framework.

Educative RoR

With both front-end and back-end web development exercises, you'll quickly become familiar with the fundamentals, the model-view-controller, rails migrations, object-oriented programming, and much more. Certificates are awarded upon completion and if you find this course helpful, with a subscription you gain access to over 530 other online courses related to coding and web programming.

Course link: Introduction to Ruby on Rails - Learn Interactively (

Price: 7 Day Free Trial | $59/month | Annual discount

5. Learn Ruby (Codecademy)

This is a great introductory course for beginners in web development. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a certificate. 

Codecademy RoR

While it doesn't go into Ruby on Rails as a whole in detail, it touches on some basic programming concepts like loops, variables, and object-oriented programming, making it one of the better free online courses.

Course link: Learn Ruby | Codecademy

Price: Free

6. Learn Ruby on Rails 7 (Udemy)

For this course it is required that you have some knowledge of the Ruby programming language. Thus, it isn't necessarily for beginners but allows you to learn the basics as well as more complex topics of the latest version of rails. 

In this online course, the instructor teaches how to build five different web applications, starting with a blog web application and ending with a real-time chat application. Along the way, this course also explains how to use some of Rails 7's new features, including Hotwire.

Course link: Learn Ruby on Rails 7 | Udemy

Price: $69.99

7. Build Your Ruby on Rails Skills (LinkedIn Learning)

This is one of the best free online courses because it teaches the essential skills to be able to build full-featured web applications with Ruby on Rails and for the simple fact that they update this course every time the latest version of rails comes out.

Whether you're interested in building better looking modern web applications or looking to learn how to fix errors and techniques for debugging, this course provides over six hours of content and a certificate of completion.

Course link: Build Your Ruby on Rails Skills (

Price: 1-Month Free Trial then $39.99/month

8. Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch (Udemy)

One of the more affordable options, this Ruby on Rails course is perfect for beginners and intermediate developers alike because of its practical and easy-to-follow style. There are no prerequisites and all of the software and tools are free to download.

You will learn the ins and outs of ruby programming language, how to create websites, and become familiar with the underlying concepts of the Ruby on Rails framework. With over nine hours of on-demand videos and a certificate of completion, this is a good place to start for any beginner with an interest in HTML and web development.

Course link: Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch

Price: $19.99

In closing

Whether you are a complete beginner in the world of programming languages and web development, or a seasoned web developer looking to broaden your portfolio by mastering the ruby programming language and rails framework—these are some solid courses that will get you started on the right path.

With the high demand for Ruby on Rails developers, there are ample opportunities for freelancers, new project endeavors within your company, or the possibility of running your own website or web app through Ruby on Rails!

About Learn Enough! 📕💡
We offer carefully designed courses to take you from a beginner to a professional-grade Ruby on Rails developer.

About Learn Enough

At Learn Enough, we provide a carefully designed course to take you from a beginner to a professional-grade developer. Every Learn Enough All Access subscription includes the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, the leading introduction to web development with Rails for over ten years. If you manage a team of developers, Learn Enough for Teams boosts the skills of your junior devs and gets your senior devs quickly up to speed with the latest version of Ruby on Rails. 

Start your all-access 7-day free trial today!

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